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Got Rep?

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Whether you're in need of a quick tune-up or repertoire refresher, resolving to be more judicious or consistent with your vocal routine, or are completely new to formal voice training, I offer an adaptive, affordable solution tailored to your individual vocal needs and goals. I teach out of my apartment in Astoria, NY, which is both convenient (20 min to midtown) and practical (I can keep my rates low, with no overhead).

My students range from HS seniors prepping for college auditions to recent conservatory graduates making first impressions in the city to established musicians and Broadway veterans. I even have "actors who can't/won't sing" in my student ranks (They can, and do).

As an active auditioner and performer, I understand first-hand the deep restraints on an artist’s time and wallet. Fittingly, I see the majority of my students a la carte, when they can afford a lesson (or when they can’t, but that 2nd callback needs work). I require no commitment beyond the lesson at hand, but I offer discounts for more aggressive study.


Current Rates - 2019

  • $75/hr. for individual vocal instruction and repertoire coaching.

  • $110/hr. for focused audition prep with accompanist.

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