First Grade Headshot

First Grade Headshot


It all started when…

Matthew grew up listening to his Mom sing James Taylor sing Carole King while vacuuming (with residual Pavlovian effects) and to his Dad naming the debut date of every oldies song that blared from the radio of his blue Ford F-150 while trying not to burn his butt on the overheated seats (with NO residual Pavlovian effects, thank you).  Ever looking up to his sister, Jessi, 7-year-old Matt followed her on a whim to an audition and so it began…

Matt juggled his time growing up in Menasha, Wisconsin between arts and academics, sports (tennis) and community activism.  A veteran Jump Rope demonstrator with the American Heart Association, Matt graduated from high school with 39 college credits to his name and several big community theater roles under his belt (Billy Crocker in Anything Goes and Bobby in A Chorus Line)

After a summer backpacking solo across Europe, Matt attended Boston College, majored in Sociology and sang Big Band and Jazz with BC bOp!.  Though not a Theater major, he routinely landed the lead in the spring musical (Frederick Egerman in A Little Night Music, Billy Crocker (again) and Candide in Candide) – prompting his voice teacher at the time to encourage him to apply to graduate programs in Music and Theater.  Never one to be pigeon-holed, Matthew deferred enrollment at the Boston Conservatory to complete a year-long Fulbright Fellowship in Germany, teaching English, History, Bilingual Politics and running an afterschool student theater troop.  His return to Boston was a complete gear-change, converting his academic discipline and skill set to whole-heartedly investing in his artistic development.  While at the Boston Conservatory he played his favorite role-to-date: Anatoly in Chess.

Matt made the long-fabled move to NYC upon graduating with his M.M. in August 2008, just in time to watch the economy go apoplectic.  In spite of a general production malaise in the industry, Matthew landed contracts at two of the most prestigious regional theaters in the country: Paper Mill Playhouse (Lewis Morris in 1776 … I abstained all over the place) and Goodspeed Opera House (Sir Angus in Camelot).  Matt earned his Equity card during his time in Camelot. 

Matt resides in New York City where he has studied with Jen Waldman and VP Boyle (Musical Theater) and Bob Krakower (TV/Film).