Matthew Charles Thompson
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Reel - Urban Dad

Reel - Political Drama


In 1991 I developed a taste for scenery. I highly recommend it (it’s so chewy!). It doesn’t come with job security though. Or reliable dental. But since 2008 I have played leading roles in regional houses from coast to coast. I look forward to coming to your town. I look forward to chewing scenery in front of you.

Voice Teacher

My parents are teachers, my sister’s a teacher, my grandfather’s a teacher; we teach, it’s what we do. Since 2012 I spend the bulk of my time between gigs coaching fellow musical theater actors on MT Repertoire and Vocal Technique, while keeping overhead to a bare minimum.


In 2017 I started writing scenes for myself. Now I write, storyboard, direct and produce scenes and shorts for actors in need of better reel footage, and more importantly, just to play. Keep up and network with me and my fellow filmmakers as we brave the festival circuit.